Installation is the most important aspect of your air conditioning and heating system. Proper installation of equipment determines how long your investment will last, as well as how efficiently it will operate.

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Good, Better, Best Options

We believe it’s important that each of our customers receive a good, better, and best option according to their comfort needs.

Replacement Equipment

We are a premier Lennox dealer, but we also work with all types of makes and models.

Heat Loads on All Installs

The heat load depends on a number of factors. By taking into account those that apply in your circumstances and adding them together, a reasonably accurate measure of the total heat can be calculated.

Duct Installs

Here are some of the steps we take when designing the duct system:

  • Calculate the home’s heating loads and cooling loads.
  • Select the proper size equipment for the home. This has to be done before duct sizes are calculated, because the specific blower data will determine the duct sizing criteria.
  • A scale drawing of the home’s air distribution system is sketched to show equipment placement, register sizes and locations, air flows associated with each register, and location and lengths of ducts.
  • Determine the size of the ducts based on calculations and information about blower data, room size, and air flow. It’s important that we properly size both the main trunk and branches of the duct systems. This will help make sure that each room will receive the appropriate amount of conditioned air.

Financing Available

A simple one-page application is all we need to see if you qualify for our financing.

10-year Parts & Labor Warranties Available